MgO Crystal (Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal)

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Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal or MgO is an excellent single crystal substrate for thin films of Ferro magnetic,Photo-electronic and high Tc superconductor materials. Red Optronics uses a special arc melting method to grow high purity MgO crystal in sizes up to 2"x2"x1" and employs CMP method to prepare high quality substrates with atomic level smoothness.
Physical Properties  
Crystal Structure   cube a=4.216 Angstrom (1 Angstrom =10-10m)
Crystal cleavage plane  <100> 
Growth method  Special Arc Melting 
Typical Purity >99.95% 
Typical Impurity(ppm) 
Ca≤40 ,A1≤15 ,Si≤10 ,Fe≤50 ,Cr≤10 ,B≤5 ,C≤10 
Melting Point  2852C 
Crystal Purity  >99.95% 
Crystal cleavage plane  <100> 
Density  3.58g/cm3 
Decompose constant  9.8 
Thermal Expansion  12.810-6/C 
Optical Transmission  >90% @200-400nm >98%500-1000nm 


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