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Red Optronics offer a variety of Laser quality mirror with dielectric(HR) coatings and metallic coatings that include Aluminum(Al), UV Enhanced Al, Silver(Ag) and Gold(Au). Mirror substrates include BK7, Pyrex, UV Fused Silica and Zerodur.    

In addition, we are capable of offering customized mirrors that can 

  • Simultaneously high reflecting on two wavelengths

  • Second and third harmonic of laser radiation

  • Highly reflecting at one wavelength while transmitting another wavelength

  • Broadband coating mirrors

  • Dielectric coatings that are polarized and depolarized

When ordering customized mirror, please specify the following 

  • Dimension and tolerance

  • Substrate 

  • Coating and wavelength

  • Polarization

  • Flatness 

Mirror Substrate Properties:
Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion
Cost Features

7.5 x 10-6/C


Good performance over visible and near IR spectrum in most applications.
3.25 x 10-6/C


Best all around mirror substrate, low expansion borosilicate glass, resistant to thermal shock
UV Fused Silica
0.52 x 10-6/C


Low thermal expansion for excellent stability, high laser damage resistance
00.1 x 10-6/C


Nominally zero thermal expansion for ultra-high stability, unique glass-ceramic material



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